An open letter to Twitter CEO, from a harassed feminist.

Dear Jack,

I don’t know you and you don’t know me. We are united through our love of Twitter. On your platform, I’ve found love, three times. I’ve found users that I can call friends. I’ve found 3 different amazing jobs. I love Twitter and the endless possibilities for change it brings.

But my love of Twitter has been tainted with harassment. Over the past few days my account has been a target of troll networks that attack women, specifically feminists. I have received horrible DMs, with snuff images that can make you have nightmares.

My space, my safe space, where I share my self with my friends, has been compromised. These trolls threatened to kill me and your platform offers no guarantee that they can’t find me. I haven’t left my house in two days just because these threats have frozen me in anxiety. I live in a country where 7 women are killed every day, just because they are women. I live in a country where the press blames the victim of a feminicide because she didn’t finish school and she was drunk and alone.

We put together a group of people, to report the accounts that were targeting us. We report in blocks and your people have suspended the user at least 3 times in the past few days. But it’s not working. These trolls very easily acquire new accounts that they use to harass women.

A friend started a hashtag, #SiMeMatan, which translates into “if I’m killed”, to protest the way a victim of feminicide was portrayed by the local authorities and the media. I extend the same criticism to you. If these threats come true, what are you going to say? Your platform is being used to terrorize women and it seems that you are doing nothing to protect us. Your reporting mechanisms do not work.

Jack, if I’m killed, you are also responsible.

Please do something to end this harassment.

— Ana G. González