Stars in the dome

Do your eyes appreciates how I look? Do your ears fancies the sound of my voice? Do your nose likes my smell? Do your tongue enjoys my taste? Do your skin wants to feel my skin near?

But, principally, do you see those stars in this vertiginous sky? I want us to be one of those. I sincerely believe that we are just like them.

They are so far away from the reality of this world -just like us- but, even so, people insist in insert them in this world patterns. People see the stars as small and white points in the dome, just as they see us.

In fact, we, just like the stars, are huge and blue explosions, light-years away from this world. But we are shining so intensely that a little part of our sparkle arrives here. And people take this little part (the only part they are able to see) as we, as a whole. They don’t understand how deeper and more complex we are. They take us as points in the dome, but we are explosions in the immensity of the universe’s sky.

Take my hand, let’s see how far can we go. Come with me and let’s try how far can we go until people can’t see any sparkle of us. Imagine a sky without stars. It would be so sad… Do you think people, as me, would miss the stars? And if they really do, do you think people would miss our pale white light? Let’s disappear. Let’s see if someone will miss us. Let’s see if they really care about us, or if they are just worried about our glow overshadowing their.

We are stars in the dome, so, why don’t we become companions stars?

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