Choose Joy…

What is depression really?

It is a brain disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities causing significant impairment in daily life. ( Yep! Straight out of Google, this!) It is simply the feeling of wanting to do absolutely nothing!

About a year ago when I was a victim of clinical depression, all I wanted to do was either sleep or cry or both, all day! How did I figure I was in depression? I actually did not! A very dear friend who noticed some (lots) change in my behaviour helped me understand and subtley put it across that I needed help.


Acceptance is one of the most difficult stages of depression. But once you do accept the fact, half your problem is solved. I took a couple of days just to understand and realise and accept that I was in depression.

Telling my family what I was going through was a task! I heard them say I was a drama queen and nothing is wrong with me and I was over reacting. But when I eventually sat them down and explained what I was actually going through, they came to terms with it.

Always seen the happy side to me, my family’s life turned upside down and they were all super concerned and worried about my health. They stood by me, the strongest pillars of of support and encouragement — my aunts, uncle, brothers, sister. My mother and grandmother in particular have been the most supportive. Then and now! I love you guys!

There were times when I had panic attacks in the middle of the night and entire body would go cold and numb. Taking a breath would be super difficult too. My family was around, helping me get out of it, showering support and love.


It is very important to get help at the right time from the right person. It is not necessary to be comfortable with the very first therapist. It is okay to take your time. But when you do, talk it all out! Super important!

I was given a couple of mental exercises that needed to be practised regularly (sometimes even now). But what helped me more was music and travel! (Thank God for those two!)

To everyone out there

Hear out to what people around you have to say! The only way you can make them feel better is by letting them know that you’re with them and everything’s going to be fine and that you love them. This makes a huge difference.

I fought a battle. It wasn’t easy. I chose JOY. I won!