before sunset | malleswaram, bangalore | anagha bansod

Memories that trigger and lead to imagination. Some not so good memories and some really bad. I walk down the streets of Malleswaram, an area I usually never take a walk in. It was more of an impulse where I decided to get off the metro station that evening and…

Obstruction | Picture taken at Adalaj Ni Vav, Gujarat in the January of 2018 | Anagha Bansod

Either there are too many, or there are none. That’s the thing about boundaries. Boundaries that confine us…our thoughts, our decisions and our minds. Sometimes we are stupid enough to let them bind our hearts too! How many times has it been that you have actually crossed the line and…

Anagha Bansod

A 23 year old Design Student at NID Bangalore with love for pictures, narratives, people and their stories :) Also, Dogs & Bubble wrap.

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