A Rough Patch

So finally, my first post on Medium. First of all, I express my gratitude towards Nitant Pandey for being the sole reason behind me getting introduced to Medium, I read it in one of his answers on Quora.

I had this huge urge to publish something here since i had opened my account, but its intensity has reached its peak as of now, because as the title suggests, there is a rough patch that I am going through. I do not remember the last day when I had been less ineffective or done anything productive out of the task that was given to me. Things have been constantly going wrong since last three-four months, and I have a list that would go on for long.

I didn’t do well in my unit tests, neither in my semester exams, I couldn’t complete my internship project. No, it doesn’t end there, all I did in my vacations was sit,eat and sleep. My brain seems to have become squalid. Its not that I do not feel void in any way, neither I experience tranquility when solivagant.

It might not be the last rough patch I’ve had, it might not be of that significance as I am considering it to be, but I have an extreme belief that everything in your life happens for a reason. This was the period I read those kind of “most motivational speeches” which were maybe meant specifically for losers. So I’ve almost got a vivid view of what being productive may mean. Emotion management, prioritization, aiming for achievable goals, acknowledging ourselves and most importantly, consistency in attempt to be completely disciplined are the fundamental solutions of being efficient.

I plan to put these things into practice, and I hope that, at least I don’t give up.

Hope I come up with an article saying how I’ve overcome my faulheit.

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