“boy standing on ladder reaching for the clouds” by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

What are you scared of?

What if you change?

Doesn’t everyone evolve?

Haven’t you evolved?

Why would you shut your ears just because something might change you?

When you are not even sure if it will.

Why, why are you scared of yourself?

What if you change?

If the ones you call your people really care,

Wouldn’t they listen?

Wouldn’t they give you a chance or two or maybe, many?

Don’t they also change?

And wouldn’t you be okay with it?

Then why do you think they wouldn’t get it when you change, or rather grow?

What is this feeling that you will understand others, you will be there for others, you will listen to them?

And that they won’t do the same for you?

What is this entitlement you feel?

Why are YOU so important?

And what if someone does more for you?

Is it a competition as to who does more for whom?

Oh yes, its always give and take, but doesn’t everyone have their limits?

Doesn’t everyone try to push their limits?

People are there for you, as much as you are there for them, or more.

Believe. Do not doubt.

Weren’t you there for Dad when you got to know him and figured he is so so different from what you thought he would be?

Aren’t you still there for him?

Haven’t you also grown in the journey?

Why do you do this for people and glorify it in your head and not let people do the same for you?

Oh no, they do things for you and you feel bad that they had to be there for you.

What an absurdity!

What are these games that your mind is playing with you?

When you know, your body knows, you know, that you need people, you need help, why let your mind take away the joy from you?

When you stop yourself from evolving to fit yourself for the people around you, are you really doing justice to them?

Do you even think if that’s what they want from you?

It is your perspective of what they want from you, that you are trying to fulfill.

Let go. Do not doubt. Believe. You are more than what your mind makes you think you are.

Believe. Embrace yourself. For that will free you.