On the end of a very special chapter

In a very unexpected turn of events in this 2019, I am moving to the Bay Area to start a new phase in my career after having spent four years and a half living in Brooklyn, commuting to Manhattan to work, and getting energized — and slowly burned out — by the hum of the city. Out in California, I will be joining the amazing VR/AR team at Facebook as a Product Designer!

While getting ready for my departure, I have been reflecting quite a bit on this transition. A new life costs you the old one. For me, moving away means leaving behind all the things that my experience in New York was. But it also involves giving up on all the things it was not and that I hoped it would become in the future — for that, I partly blame unrealistic TV shows and movies. …

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In my job as the Director of User Experience at IrisVR — a startup that brings virtual reality to the building industry-, I design tools and features for virtual, augmented and mixed reality environments. …

On Adding New Features To Improve The IrisVR Experience

This post was originally published on VRFocus on April 11, 2018.

Last year, IrisVR released a tool called Inspect Element for Prospect. This feature allows users to select an element in their project and view its properties, such as the layer the object belongs to or the material it is made of. The user can then flag it if it needs to be fixed later in the original 3D modeling tool.

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The design, development, and testing of this feature involved all the teams at IrisVR in some capacity. This blog post will detail how we came up with the feature, how we developed it, and how we made sure that the tool would meet the needs and expectations of our users along the way. …


Ana Garcia Puyol

AR/VR Product Design Lead at Facebook. Design Technology from @HarvardGSD. http://anapuyol.com

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