Wake up…

“This is a dream,” I repeated to myself while I let my mind flow far far away.

“Tomorrow is not going to matter, and everything will be different. Dream now and forget about the world, the responsibilities and the promises.”

Even if I knew it was wrong, it felt so right at the moment, so it must have been a dream… and a really good one for that matter. I dreamed I was with him and he was the only love for me.

I dreamed that I believed all of his lies and that my heart was with him. I said: “I love you,” and I meant it. All of it was true, while it lasted.

Now the dream is over and I go back to my real life, a life without him. He is not a part of my world and he does not want to be it.

So why is it so difficult to wake up? I want to run by his side and kiss him one more time and then again and again. Kiss him until he loves me. Kiss him so I can forget about everything once again.

However, this is not going to happen again, so I should wake up and face reality. He still does not love me and this is not going to change. At least I am happy because I could dream with him.

Now would you wake me up, please?