Startup Conference Profiles List

Pirate Summit


Place: Cologne, Germany.

Date: September.

Topic: Generic.

Geography Focus: European & Middle East startups.

Size: Pettite (>1k people)


  • Exposure: because the startups in this conference are pre-selected by the Pirate Summit crew beforehand (they literally go around the world chasing startups to later present in Pirate Summit), there are only a few startups present (60?). Therefore, as founder, the amount of attention you can get from investors during this conference is much more than in any conference I have been.
  • Openness: there are no VIP areas, no investor areas, no division among attendees. Everyone is accessible to everyone. You can jump into a top investor while grabbing a drink.



Place: Helsinki, Finland.

Date: Late November

Topic: Generic. However, because the Nordics are recognized by their gaming startups, last year Slush approach this topic significantly.

Geography Focus: European startups, but mainly Nordic startups.

Size: Medium (10k-15k people)


  • Transparency: Slush tool to connect startups & investors is great. It is easy to look for startups (open database of all participants) and set up meetings with founders. During the event there is a space designated only for these meetings.
  • After Party: those Nordics organize the best night event I have been to.

Originally published at VC Hype.