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Swamped by fear and anxiety, I dive into myself. I am unable to move. On the couch. And I’m lying where I have been lying for a while, unable to pull myself together.

I can’t pinpoint where the fear is coming from. I’m marooned with the people I love on an island called family, floating aimlessly in the middle of nowhere.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write. Every once in a while, it feels as if the tap has simply dried out, and there are no stories waiting to drip out.

When I do stare into…

Four years ago, same-sex marriage was legalised in all 50 states of America. But if only there was a way to legalise holding hands. Or of making it less awkward when you touched your lover’s arm on a busy street.

As the windy streets of San Francisco turned to sunshine, bang in the middle of all the purple and pink wigs, silver tassels and rainbow bikinis, were young people in love who had travelled long distances to attend a pride march where they could experience the ease of holding hands in a crowd where they wouldn’t be judged.

“Out here…

As women across the political spectrum share their opinions and their lives on a unique online platform, moderators weave in and out of conversations, stitching people together.

Illustration by Adriana García, Spaceship Media

When it came to discussing their monthly visitor, Aunt Flo, it was impossible to tell the Republicans from the Democrats. The women were, to put it plainly, talking about menstruation.

Aunt Irma was a code name one woman used with her husband. The name that had everybody in stitches was Shark Week, a reference to how prickly some women were during their periods. A woman past menopause gleefully called hers Gone Girl. And a woman who didn’t deal in euphemisms was inspired by those around her to get creative; she’s going to call hers Red Velvet.

The conversations were funny…

From casual sexism to rape threats, male voices often drown out women’s voices on the internet. A closed online group for women across the political spectrum gives birth to unique conversations on politics and society, and a window into what the world would look like, if women were to run it.

Illustration by Adriana Garcia

Tina Grubbe, a 51-year-old from California, was shaken by a fight that broke out on social media. It involved a man she went to high school with and a woman who is a university professor. Grubbe felt the professor was winning the debate. All of a sudden, the man…

As women from America’s left, right and center come together to assemble a jigsaw puzzle called Brett Kavanaugh, they discover new ways to put the pieces together.

Illustration by Adriana Garcia / Spaceship Media

As the ghost of a summer night in 1982 haunted America, a group of 400 women across the country, on all sides of the political divide, attempted to untangle the twisted story of an alleged sexual assault in Maryland by a teenage Brett Kavanaugh, and its impact on his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Stephany Krupnik, a retired emergency room nurse from New Jersey, is one of the older and more conservative…

Bomb blasts, the trial of General Musharraf, socialite parties and beer from a Parsi-run brewery are some of the things Indian journalist Meena Menon experienced during her stint in Islamabad. Her book, Reporting Pakistan, highlights the spirit of ordinary people in the face of political tumult.

This review of her book was first published in Parsiana, a magazine for the Zoroastrian community.

That Pakistan produced excellent Irish Cream, beer and flavoured vodka was one of many revelations about the country that Meena Menon discovered while living in Islamabad. She was one of two Indian journalists stationed in Pakistan in 2013…

From deep red to light pink, post-election maps of America tell you how vast stretches of the country vote. But the maps don’t tell you how they think.

Illustration by Adriana Garcia

Tiffany Rouse, a conservative Christian from the rural South, would have called herself evangelical, but feels the term has been “stolen” by supporters of President Donald Trump. A fiscally conservative, pro-life, devout Christian, she fits the archetype of a Republican voter. Except that she did not vote Republican. Her opposition to Trump’s immigration policy stems from her Christian faith. Separating families at the border is not what Christianity looks like to her…

Anahita Mukherji

Independent Journalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Former Assistant Editor at The Times of India. SOAS (University of London), Xavier's, Sophia alum.

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