NAET and Allergies: A Not so Neat Idea
Lise Broer

I have personally had 20–25 NAET sessions for allergies over the past 18 years, with about 4 different practitioners. I can tell you from my direct experience this technique truly works to clear allergies attheir core. You’re doing your readers a disservice by telling them to only go to a board certified allergist. For me, medical doctors were only able to tell me what I was allergic to. Then they prescribed a drug. Drugs only masked the underlying symptoms. NAET uses kinesiology to ask the persons body directly what is in the way. It bypasses the mind or any guess work. Out of all the sessions I’ve experienced, I’d say that 95% of allergies are emotionally based. Meaning we have a reaction to a substance, object or something in the environment but we are unconscious of it. Once you clear the emotion, do the breathing exercises while being tapped on the spine, it neutralizes the charge from your system. All the practitioners I went to use acupuncture at the end of the session. Usually only one NAET session is needed to clear an allergy. Only a few times did I have to go more than once. I would highly recommend NAET modality to people who suffer from any allergies, especially serious ones.