Do you use Facebook Ads? Better make sure your pages load fast on mobile, or else

If you use FB Ads to drive traffic to your business, Facebook wants you to speed up your mobile websites or else it will limit where and when your ads appear across its service.

“Over the coming months, we’re working to improve ad experiences for people by considering website performance and a person’s network connection in our ad auction and delivery system.” FB said in a post published to its Business News page.

In the post, Facebook also outlined a number of ways advertisers could technically improve their websites for better load times, like:

♨ Minimizing landing page redirects, plugins and link shorteners
♨ Compressing files to decrease mobile rendering time
♨ Improving server response time by utilizing multi-region hosting
♨ Using a high-quality Content Delivery Network to reach audiences quickly
♨ Removing render-blocking javascript

You can learn more ways to improve mobile site performance here.

For its part, Facebook said it would begin “prefetching” advertisers’ websites to help speed up their loading times even further.

Ana Hoffman
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