It’s FINALLY here: Instagram photos and videos get pinch-to-zoom!

Holy innovation moly — Instagram has evolved beyond a feed of low-fi filtered squares! 🙌 👍

Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on Instagram photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore.


Unfortunately, the feature in its current state is far from perfect.

For instance:

♨ you have to keep your fingers on the screen to stay zoomed in;
♨ there’s still no way to watch a full-screen video, like on YouTube or Snapchat or Twitter or Facebook.

For a full-screen view, you have to zoom in to a photo or video to the point that it fills the height and/or width of the screen while pushing some parts off-screen. 😟

Well, at least the feature now exists, right?

Zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS. Zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the update? Is it still worth it using third-party apps to do the same, just better?

Ana Hoffman


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