Weekly Marketing Skinny • August 22, 2016

In the marketing spotlight this week:

  • Google Keyword Planner now even more useless;
  • thumbs-up updates on Pinterest;
  • Hangouts On Air is shutting down;
  • Blab has shut down;
  • Tsu has shut down;
  • new video app by Google;
  • …and more.

Grab your cup of coffee and let’s catch up on the marketing news that matter to your business.

♨ Search

Using Google Keyword Planner for keyword research? Bad news… Google Keyword Planner is now showing less traffic estimate data to most (?) users.

♨ Social Media

Twitter released two new Notifications settings to combat abuse.

Ha! Twitter is rolling out a way for people to slap an ad right on the photos they post to its social network.

Which type of Twitter cards does better on Twitter: Photo Card or Summary Card with large image?

Pinterest has announced a few changes based on the user feedback they’ve heard.

A few shut-downs:

Hangouts On Air will no longer be available on September 12. Start using YouTube Live.

Blab has been shut down. For GOOD.

Few of us will cry for this one… Spammy social network Tsu shuts down.

♨ Marketing This & That

WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” is here.

Google announced Google Duo, a simple 1-to-1 video calling app for everyone. Best part? It’s cross-platform…

♨ At TrafficGenerationCafe.com

5 Brilliant Ways to Go Blog-to-Video with Content Samurai [Review, Tutorial, Discount]

I didn’t mean to love you, Content Samurai… really didn’t…

What tipped the scale was trying to create the video tutorial from the post with Screenflow.

After days of recording, re-recording, editing all the um’s and oopsies, it still wasn’t good, the audio track was a mess, and the video was too long (because of all the blabbering… that’s my video ‘signature’ )

I scrapped all that and redid everything in Content Samurai — wrote up the script, took screenshots, recorded — took me about 2.5 hours to the finished product.

Certainly made a believer out of me!

♨ Thank You

To all of you who mentioned Traffic Generation Café in any shape or form in the past FEW week, my whole-hearted THANK YOU.

Traffic Generation Café would NOT be what it is today without you.

Here are just SOME of the mentions I came across in the past few weeks (yes, it’s been a while, so please forgive me if yours isn’t listed here!!!):

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Ana Hoffman

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