Size Doesn’t (Always) Matter

As a woman, having a perfect body shape and stand on an ideal weight were their life goals. But, how could a beauty related to your size? I still don’t get it. I think I understand, but still don’t get it.

I saw many women fight to have a slim body, skinny sometimes. Many girls would freak out to have a size L. They would think that they’re big, fat, and more self-esteem. There’s alot of young lady would die to have a model’s body. Even I knew many women wouldn’t mind to pay more for such a slimming pills.

Dear all of beautiful women in the world, beauty isn’t about size. It takes more than that. I might still 25 years old, but well… I have observed a lot. Let me tell you why we don’t have to be worry about our size.

  • Health is the top list

The most important thing to live ladies is stay healthy. Sometimes we put ourselves in danger to be slimfit body when the fact is we don’t have to. We worked so hard to loss some kilos in many ways, took some pills, even do a surgery. We forgot that everytime we pushed ourselves too hard, there’s always any consequences such as a health issues. We might have eating disorder or bulimia, and yes, it is dangerous for us. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Be healthy and you can run the world, girls!

  • Love has own self

Ladies, if you tried to be the coolest woman in the world or the most model-look to get your crush, please… do think about it once again. Ask yourself, ask your heart, is it worth enough sacrifice your own self to get him? Is he really that worth it? What is the answer deep down inside? My dearest friends, when you love someone, you might do everything for them. But let me remind you one thing, love has it own self. No matter how hard you put the make up on, dressed up like a queen, or acting like a lady, when love didn’t belong to you, it will never be. It has nothing to do with your size or appearance.

  • Kind and Generous

Somehow, we were to busy to think about our appearance. We worry about how do we look, is it pretty enough? Is it fashionable? It makes us forget the big point of human being. Yes, be kind and generous to people is important in your actual daily activity. It is your truly beauty that showed by being kind, help people generously. They don’t even notice what you’re wearing at that time you do them a favour. All they remembered was your kindness. And it is not related with your size.

  • Humble

You don’t have to be size S or Barbie-look to be humble. Give good smile, be polite, and down to earth, there you are. In the end, attitude will always on a top list. Will you feel fine to talk with the most-popular-guy-but underestimate you? I don’t think so. So, be humble and treat the others well. Then you will be beautiful in your own way.

  • All Size

It is right that finding a large size clothes is harder than the small size. But hey, the creative entrepreneurs would see it as a big opportunity to gain some profits. Local brand or even the premium brand has a large size by now. It is not that difficult for you to find an XXL size for your blouse or an XL tee shirt. Besides, there’s always clothes fit to all size. In this modern-day, you can find anything online using your smartphone. Am I correct? Many e-commerce, online shop, and social media offered almost everything you want and need. Just type, enter, and voila!

  • Yourself is the prettiest

You can be pretty anytime, trust me. You want a pretty face, put some make up. You wish a pretty look, have a hair do and wear a pretty dress. You like to be pretty every day, just be yourself. I will never get bored to say, when you love yourself, you’ll showing the most beauty of you. You know why? Because we have our own beauty, and it would be seen by being yourself.

When you feel like you’re not that pretty or not as pretty as Barbie, please take a minute. Standing in front of the mirror and look at yourself. You might not have what pretty girl has, but you still have those sparkle eyes, generous smile, beautiful voice, even hands that always ready to help.
Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love you. You are beautiful more than words.” Do it all the time you feel low and it helped you to wake up and suprisingly make you stronger. Remember ladies, size doesn’t always that matter.
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