Importance of Soft Skills for Software Engineers

Aneeta Sharma
Apr 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Typically as a software engineer, all we think and care about is coding. We assume having the technical expertise is sufficient to execute our job duties. But little do we know that having the technical skills is only one of the many facets of being an effective person in the work place. The major one being ‘Soft Skills’.

Simply put, Soft Skills are the interpersonal personality traits which allows us to collaborate with others and interact with others effectively. Soft Skills enhances our ability to become a good speaker as well as a good listener. It not only helps to work more productively, but also helps to establish ourselves as a better person. Hence, this is an investment worth making.

The importance of soft skills is often underestimated but these are what accompany the hard skills. Like all skills, these can also be learned. The best thing about soft skills is you don’t need any qualifications to acquire them and you can start working on them right now.

Some of the most common soft skills include:

  1. Clarity of communication
  2. Degree of collaboration / Teamwork
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Inclusion
  5. Coaching / Mentoring

When it comes to soft skills, show — don’t tell.

Soft skills are becoming the hard skills in this fast changing world. It’s not enough to be highly skilled in technical field without developing skills that helps to collaborate and communicate with people effectively. These all have a significant impact on a person’s attitude which ultimately ties back to success.

The list is not exhaustive but working towards any of these will definitely pay off in one’s career and in life more generally.

Aneeta Sharma

Written by

Software Engineer - Author of Full-Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node - Packt Publishing

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