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Social Media Marketing.

Nowadays people don’t trust social media just as people don’t trust their feelings to pass their exams.Not saying that one should fully and wholeheartedly should trust the social media.But when it comes to promoting your business, you should definitely try to trust and should try to take a risk of using social media for marketing. I often hear from people “social media is just for sharing memes how can it be useful for our business” “why would anyone follow us,when we are just posting about our business” “Marketing in social media is same as giving books to a gamer” “people won’t be interested,it is so boring” etc etc.But according to me Social Media is one the powerful source for marketing.There are numerous number of myths of Social Media Marketing, but for now let’s talk about few of them.

Myths of Social Media Marketing

Myth#1: Social Media is Misleading

Social media is one the source where people believe it is consist of only fake accounts, and people who will rob them in the name business or offers.But the fact is sometime you might also meet the people who will genuinely help you out with your business and your company. 38% of people said they would lose trust if they discovered content the brand claimed to be real wasn’t genuine. Misleading marketing communications on social media is a real problem but now there are few process that has been started to stop them.

Myth#2 The number of followers, The number of customers.

We often get demotivated by looking at our competitors followers.we start losing hope for our business as we don’t see the any changes in our followers numbers though we are posting and being active for 24/7. Some people buy their followers so that they can compete their opponents.But this won’t help you boost your business, more like it will be just a waste of money.Invest that same money to buy the tools that may help you improve your social media post for e.g buy pro photoshopping tools.

Myth#3 Mean comments should be ignored

First thing first people who comments mean comments are either jealous of your success or the people who have no motive and ambitions in their life.Do not ignore the mean comments instead handle it with grace and reply them kindly so that they can be embarrassed of themselves for commenting on you which didn’t bother you a little.

Myth#4 Every post should be related to my business

People always find the account attractive when there isn’t a repetitive content.Post something that are related to your business don’t post the something that is only about your business. You can also post something that is not related to your business but it also depends what kind of business you have.Like if you have food business you can’t post about institutions.

Myth#5 Pinterest and LinkedIn are not made for marketing

people often found simple and professional apps boring. Pinterest and LinkedIn are popular social media platforms for marketing. Pinterest as we know is the fourth most popular social media, people are now using Pinterest more than ever because the content quality is getting better. In Pinterest one can find various kind of content and brand.Pinterest now has the info graphics videos which attract more people. Linkedin is a professional and the most powerful social media platform posting directly on LinkedIn let you reach to your target audience in a large number. And the lead that you’ll be getting will be also a quality lead.