Limiting our frustrations

We all know this quote by Oscar Wilde “I can resist everything except temptation”. Nowadays, it seems nothing has changed and the guiding axiom of modern life is still that more is better. We pay a heavy price for placing quantity above quality and so many of us pile on more and more activities, not necessary because we are passionate or believe in something, but because we are told to, or are expected to, or like the idea of doing so. This eventually leads to frustration and compromises on our productivity, creativity and happiness.

Then, how to become less busy ? Here are some cognitive behavioral strategies than can be used to manage frustration.

Make time slow

To fully enjoy the richness of life (plates, and drinks too) make time slow.
Life is a huge buffet of enticing platters of possibilities. Just like a real buffet, in life you can do it all, just not at the same time. But putting too much on your plate just leads to indigestion. Or, if you are more into wine, chugging the entire glass in one gulp can give no enjoyment.

Take control on your frustrations

Frustration is experienced when losing control or when control is inaccessible in the first place. It’s key to recognize the factors that can actually be controlled and those that cannot. Determine those will tackle frustration.

Once able to understand what frustration is for you and where it does come from, then, change that trigger or routine to avoid it.

Revised your goals and choose your battles

We have quit a lot to do and often very little time to do it in. We want to be the funniest colleague ever who helps others, a beautiful and supportive partner, a great Mum or Dad who listens when the kids tell yet another knock-knock joke, but we also want to attend classes in psychology, learn how to code, read books, watch movies, open our own bakery, go on solo holiday and much, much more.

Simplify your life

Commit to doing less rather than more… Follow the U.S Marine Corps and other military services “Rule of Three” concept. Through years, they’ve found out that most people can only track three things at once. As a result, the entire military system is designed to reflect this : a squad leader is in charge of 3 fire team leaders, a platoon leader is in charge of 3 squad leaders and each company consists of 3 platoons.

Combine your interests

Some people do better when they start small, other when they start big. Limiting ourselves to three core priorities can feel frustrating. However, there are many ways to satisfy more than one desire at once. You can find innovative ways to combine your work and other activities about which you feel passionate.

For instance, if you love to cook and want to spend time with friends, you can start a cooking club. This is an inventive way to cook together, socialize, and prepare meals.

Help yourself

With an efficient organization, there might be enough time to do everything we want. Then, if you are looking for a proven way to organize, you should try Taskworld, a great tools for task organization ! It will not only help you to manage your schedule but will also get your results immediately since Taskworld has a performance chart included.


Don’t forget to reward yourself : create your own light at the end of the tunnel. And make it bright.