What can a civilian learn from the army officers ?

Have you ever heard about the U.S Marine Corps and other military servicesRule of Three” concept ?

Through years, they’ve found out that most people can only track three things at once. As a result, the entire military system is designed to reflect this : 
- A squad leader is in charge of 3 fire team leaders, 
- A platoon leader is in charge of 3 squad leaders,
- Each company consists of 3 platoons.
Using this Rule of Three made me realize that with an efficient organization, there might be enough time to do everything we want.

When it comes to business…

Managing a team, especially a remote team, requires a project manager to start developing an arsenal of management tools to help them cope with these core issues. An online collaboration service platform, like Taskworld, can be a secret weapon in this arsenal that can work on several fronts for boosting efficiency and productivity.

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