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I’m relatively new to Medium, although not to the social-interspace. It’s a little sad to arrive at a time when the open access to such a plentifully diverse gathering of thinkers is about to be capped.

Sad, again but not surprising. Have I seen the pattern before?
With diversity comes adversity, then at some point damage control becomes necessary. Moderators exercise more vigilence (and perhaps would-be moderators become vigilante?)

My blog is currently archived. I got nervous — began to question how my musings could be used to profile my worth. A pertinent question to ask, “why do I blog?”

For me it’s a way to cut to the chase, engage with others in topics of interest, not necessarily concur. No pointless social preamble in the social-interspace. But gaining connections is slow and tedious unless you couple with social media and carve out a following (groan). So Medium is easy. I don’t need to “publish” my own ideas to connect to anyone else — I just need to read and occasionally comment (your turn to groan?). As I don’t consider myself a writer and not looking to score points, then I suppose I am using Medium as though it were a forum. Not invalid, but might signal the “end” for some Medium contributors.

Would I pay a Medium subscription? No. Would I “blog” here (and be censored)? Not sure. It might be a small price to pay. I’m not au fait with my country’s laws on defamation/libel/sedition etc. so I have a lazy sense of there being someone else who will cover my arse (edit me) on Medium. I’d love to know what kind of writing/topic contributors are finding censored?

If Medium were to become wowser territory with articles religiously sanitised or politically sidelined then it’s dead by 4pm. The early-adopters have already moved on. Trend hounds will soon sniff out the next melting pot. And if latecomers (like myself) herald the beginning of the end then I guess I’m outta here (remembering the quip attributed to Groucho Marx), “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.” And so on it goes.

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