Eu ando longe, eu sei. Mas se não caminho mais perto dos que me amam é porque dói demais mostrar o tornado que me habita. Mais uma vez o castelo de cartas desmoronou e para que eu pudesse salvar a rainha- ou seria o coringa?- desse baralho eu tive que…


To the ladies that are here and to the ones that aren’t. To the ones that were here and the ones who weren’t. To occupying space. Here are we. #videopoetry of the day

Attention seeker

They told me not to talk to her

They told me she was my enemy

They told me she was worthless

And I should say nothing

Don’t talk to her

She won’t believe you

They never do

Don’t believe her either

You should never do too

Don’t talk to her

Don’t speak your truth

In a survival mode

What matters is not the truth

But the “who”

Whose mouth tells the tale

Dictates the success of the story

Objects don’t talk

Much less to each other

You are attention seeker they will say

Remember what happens to women who are not invisible?

So, don’t talk to her



A poem dedicated to sorority and women that talk to each other despite everything we learned.

Video Poem version

The big brown door

I always said I rather know.

Then I reflect.

Then I grow.

I am afraid of the dark.

To be away from the windows.

To not see the path lightened by the star.

To be lost in the silent pray of a widow.

When the word…

A poem to Brazilian misogyny

Hey! How are you my old friend?

How may I serve you today?


You want me to say the color of my genitals?

Chanting like a song?

Like a mockery of myself?

Is it pink you say?

What if it wasn’t ?

Would it…

A-Solid dancer

Last week I danced

I could feel a glow coming from inside

I was trying to soak me in good hormones and invisible glitter

To be me in my best version

I wanted to have it all

Drink it all

Smoke it all

Eat it all

Fuck it…

Today is a no poetry day. I have started 7 poems. All remain unfinished.

I resist to accept that the pain of my body has reached my soul.

That the fibres of my being are fighting me back.

How dare you take poetry away from me?

I have been told…

Fifteen months

Three winters

Two autumns

Two first names

Two surnames

Spring was coming and it was time to go.

The flowers were starting to show

Pack, unpack, fold, unfold

North- South-North

Not the pole

Be bold, I am told

Spring was coming and it was time to go.


I say goodbye too many times

Isn’t that the way it supposed to be?

Should we not take the time to:

look closely,

Say everything

And embrace every second of it?

I say goodbye too many times

To lovers

To friends

To dogs

To clothes

To homes

To me…

I say goodbye too many times

I say it because I am scared

What if I forget something?

What if I Should have stayed longer?

What if?

I say goodbye too many times

I am afraid to let go

I am afraid of the unknown.

I do say goodbye too many times

But most importantly, I say goodbye

Even if it is not goodbye

It is goodbyes

So, goodbye 🍀

Illustration by Pranav Prakash Yadav


Eu tava com medo da data que chega;

Do abraço que escorre;

Da prata que esfrega;

Da mata que cresce;

Dos pelos que descem.

Eu tô com medo do teu que é meu;

De ser vista e de ser invisível;

De sentir, de adormecer, de criar ao acordar.

Ana Laura Albornoz

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