STOP trying to be more productive
Jim Ralley

Thanks for this text. I wouldn’t probably had understood it few months ago, but now I can identify myself. However it’s taking me a depression to stop “producing” (call it working, call it doing, call it making,…), which led me already straight into a complete vacuum. And it’s basically the way you explain it in your writing, despite I live it like a much more complicated process, hehe… One thing I’ve seen is the cultural issue that brought us here, as you mentioned. To make it (very) simple, we’re all kind of programmed to work like that: the superhero-way, the productive-way; forgetting “to be”, which is much closer to living, I believe… In my case, at least (because I think it’s always useful a macro + micro view) it was ’cause I felt I was going to be loved and valued for my “doing”, and not for my “being”. I know it sounds very simple (it’s not), very obvious, and very personal. And it might be one of the values we’re transmitting in our society? If so, we’re not creating a happy future. So yes, we still need to learn to live, meaning more being, and less doing just for the fact of doing. Now, no idea how, still trying to manage how to keep my head out of the water…! ;) Saludos from Spain

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