How To Export Your Mix for Online Mastering

If you want to try our Online Mastering Service, you have to send us your Mixed Track. Regardless of the software you use (Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, etc.), the procedure is always the same: you have to export your Mixed Track in .WAV format, with no plugin on the Mix Bus (eq, compression, limiting, etc.), at the same format of the session you worked on (e.g. 44.1 khz 24 bits). In order to have an adequate headroom and best resolution for our Mastering, we always suggest to stay almost 6db below the 0.0dBFS. Remember that for a great Mastering a Good Mix is Needed: avoid unnecessary conversions or compressions. We will take care of that stuff in the Mastering Stage.

If you want a Free Mastering Sample, send your Mix using Wetransfer to our email address (

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