Analog Enters MVB IV Incubation Program By BNB Chain

3 min readApr 29, 2022


The coveted program is set to supercharge the project’s development

The BNB Chain MVB Incubation Program, which was launched in 2021, lends a helping hand to promising startup projects that are still under development in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Essentially, it assists them in picking out the best path to success by providing the necessary guidance and tools.

The program is currently in its fourth season — MVB IV: MetaFi — Smarter DeFi for the Web3 Universe — which focuses on Web3 Infrastructure, Advanced DeFi Lego, and Metaverse, GameFi & SocialFi. These areas overlap significantly with Analog’s own development goals, and thus provide an exciting opportunity to take the project to the next level!

MBV IV Goodies

The program serves up some serious perks for the projects that come under its wing, which benefit from efforts of not only the people at BNB Chain, but the MVB Committee — external partners that make up mentors, masterclass speakers, the voting committee and other key individuals that ensure the success of the program.

These industry experts are the ones who bring the mentorship events to life. There are four MVB events of note:

  • Masterclasses — These allow the projects involved in the MVB to rub shoulders with each other and get a sense of what’s happening in industry.
  • 1–1 Mentoring — Mentors dissect each project and offer tailor-made advice and guidance on how best to move it forward.
  • Industry Networking Sessions — These are where projects are given the chance to have face-to-face meetings with key industry players and forge potential partnerships.
  • Demo Day — A momentous event for any budding project, this all-important day is where top MVB Players get to shoot their shot in front of a private group of investors in hopes of securing funding for their project.

MVB Format Change

Late into the MVB IV season, BNB Chain decided to make a few beneficial changes to the program, the first of which — and the only one announced thus far at the time of writing — being the discontinuation of the process of selecting Top Players.

Instead, shortlisted MVB IV projects will transition into MVB V, which will feature the bulk of the aforementioned changes — tweaks to the program’s format that are intended to improve the selection process of the best projects. These projects will then go head-to-head under the renewed format and be in the running to net lucrative benefits.

In an update on its website dated April 20, 2022, BNB Chain elaborates on the MVB program revamp: “As we’re all positively surprised by the performance of many MVB IV participants, it would be difficult and unfair to pick just a few best projects. Still, BNB Chain Fund and Binance Labs decided to approach individual projects and offer direct funding and additional support. We will announce these projects once the negotiations and the terms are finalized.”

In the same update, BNB Chain reveals that over 40 projects out of some 500 applications have been shortlisted during the MVB IV season.

With its unique approach to decentralized interoperability solutions and a robust team to turn its vision into reality, Analog is in prime position to benefit significantly from this MVB Incubation program.

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