TVS Bike Design Challenge

TVS Motor Company Limited is the second largest two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturer in India producing scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, and three-wheelers. It ranks amongst the top ten two-wheeler companies in the world, distributing to over 60 countries. “Joy of riding” defines TVS’s design sensibilities. TVS Motor’s strength lies in the design and development of new products.

About the Bengaluru by Design competition

Bengaluru by Design invited designers to redesign the TVS Apache RR 310, and the NTorq 125. The aim of this contest was to showcase the power of good design by rejuvenating the two-wheelers in their respective categories, whilst staying true to the brand persona.

We choose to redesign the TVS Apache RR310, and it is with excitement and gratitude that we announce that our design has bagged the third position in this competition.

About our TVS bike design

The graphics here give an inherent sense of built-up energy, just waiting to burst out. The red and blue sweeping lines depict speed and precision, coupled with the rounded edges that show versatility. A hint of the yin and yang concept lies encrypted in the graphics, in the form of a small element of blue in close vicinity of the red, and vice versa with the red element in the blue.

The overall composition exudes a feeling of fierce yet refined, powerful yet polished quickness. Even when the vehicle is standing still — it’d look as if it’s beckoning to you, to take it to the track where it can truly show its prowess.

During the course of this competition, we realized that graphic designing for vehicles is something that really excites us, and is a space we would really like to explore. Sticking true to our resolution of trying out new and exciting areas this year, we will work towards further exploring this space.

Originally published at on February 12, 2019.




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