As of today, ownership of the Analys-X project is to transferred.

The current staff team are to leave the project, and a new team will be established. It is under the discretion and responsibility of new ownership to coordinate communications, vision, maintenance and development of the Analys-X project.

The XYS…

In preparation for the imminent beta launch of the Analys-X platform, we have decided to perform a token migration. The current XYS token will be swapped with an updated XYS token at a 1:1 rate. All tokenomics and distribution otherwise remain identical.

To facilitate this, we request that users send…

Last week, 60,000,000 XYS (60%) of the total supply of XYS was burned. Originally, it had been planned to lock 60% of the XYS total supply, freeing 10% each year for team use. However, upon consideration, it was decided that XYS would instead be purchased from the market when required. Following the previous figure, this would suggest that 6,000,000 XYS will be bought from markets per year by ANALYS-X as required.

In the testnet instance of the staking node, the current arbitrary minimum stake required to run a node is 100,000 XYS + 1% compounded. As of present, it is intended to keep this figure for the mainnet release.

More information regarding 1.2, as well as our company vision and philosophy, will be released soon.

Analys-X Phase 1, smart contract infrastructure development, has begun. This phase has three main objectives:

1.1. Create the smart contract components required to run nodes in the Analys-X network. This is in progress.
1.2. Create the smart contract components required to create consensus mapping. This is in progress.
1.3. Begin testing and implementation of an “Oracle-Bridge” solution. Multiple solutions have been considered. Testing begins for those which show initial promise.

More information regarding 1.1 and 1.2 will be released soon.

AnalysX — Decentralized A.I. Chain Analysis

Decentralized on-demand chain analysis: Training A.I. to monitor, map, and identify illegitimate activity on the BTC and ETH blockchains.

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