Machine Learning using SQL, a Visual Python Debugger, and more Machine Learning Developments!

A lot of aspiring data scientists these days are coming from a software engineering background so they are familiar with SQL. Thanks to Google, that’s all you might need to build machine learning models! With BigQuery ML, the tech giant is looking to help SQL users get integrated into the ML domain. More details in this article.

Other highlights from the past week: Researchers from IIT Hyderabad are using machine learning to identify bikers driving without helmets, IBM have pioneered an algorithm that adds a watermark to your neural network models, and more updates below.

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  • Making AI Systems Faster and More Efficient with Google Edge TPUs: Ever since it’s introduction in 2016, TPUs have seen their demand rise as more complex data-driven problems have come up. And now the tech giant has launched Edge TPU, a small artificial intelligence accelerator that enables machine learning jobs in IoT (Internet of Things) devices!

The above AVBytes were published from 23rd to 29th July, 2018.