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1. Aalto courses

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Artificial intelligence— an in-depth introduction to artificial intelligence methods from the perspective of real problems. A.I. will continue as a mega trend in 2018.

Modern database systems — a course in managing data, which includes scalable data processing systems for big data like Hadoop and Map-Reduce.

Introduction to statistical inference — a Bachelor’s level course covering basic statistical tests and linear regression.

Multivariate statistical analysis— a maths focused course on data analysis techniques, such as principal component analysis, clustering analysis, and canonical correlation analysis.

2. Looking for an internship?

Silo.AI is a start-up that offers artificial intelligence as a service to its customers. They are looking for eager artificial intelligence enthusiasts for internships.

The internship offers students the opportunity to work on AI projects closely with the Silo.AI team, and grow as a researcher and engineer. The objective of the internship is to finish an AI project or publication by the end of the internship together with mentors.

Silo.AI are looking for interns with proven experience in machine learning and AI as authors of a significant paper or project. Internships are available year-round so if this sounds like you, learn more about Silo.AI and submit your application.

3. Analytics news

It took only minutes to find a BBC reporter from CCTV cameras in China using its vast network of cameras. While China is also experimenting with a Social Credit System, which gives access to rewards such as loans if citizens have good scores. This is all very similar to the plot of the TV program Black Mirror. The effect and bias of such algorithms may be a big topic in 2018.

If you are like us and still don’t understand bitcoin, you can now pretend to mine bitcoin with a pen and paper with this helpful guide.

We previously linked to a large dataset of chest X-ray images, which was released to help diagnose disease. A radiologist has since highlighted labelling problems. Our takeaway is that you need someone on board with a deep understanding of your topic for good data science.