Advantages and disadvantages of LED light curing machine

Because LED curing light power consumption is very small, typically one to five watts, the light curing unit on battery power as possible. Since no power cord care, physicians can enjoy to play the best medicine. Also when the machine is not operating with high voltage, more secure, more at ease. This is one of the main reasons many doctors want to have it. But if your financial capacity is limited, use a corded LED curing light is good. Currently batteries generally use lithium or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, the two cells have advantages and disadvantages, the same power-capacity lithium battery lighter, smaller, and nickel-hydrogen battery is relatively heavy, bulky, but mainly have to look at curing machine overall design and feel. Since the voltage of a lithium battery is about 3.6 V, it is difficult to match with the LED, such as a booster circuit design, the circuit complexity and power utilization rate. NiMH batteries a voltage of about 1.2 V, easily combined into the best match with the LED voltage. As it will be mentioned lithium Another major drawback. If you buy a machine is to use nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-metal hydride battery is preferably no memory, you can recharge it with, otherwise it quite inconvenient. In addition, the purchase of the machine is not the battery capacity the better, in fact, if the charging time can be used more than a week is sufficient.

The biggest drawback of cordless LED curing light is: due to various reasons, the doctor will sometimes low battery power more freely, and the general case the charger does not work, the doctor will think charger or host damage, in practice this situations often arise, so when the purchase should select the battery voltage is low is charged normally products. Even so, when used should also try to avoid the battery voltage is too low because it is has a greater impact on the battery life. Battery too low discharge NiMH batteries can be recharged often used, but it is easy to scrap lithium battery, which is a big drawback of lithium batteries. In order to avoid the battery voltage is too low, use should be careful not to short circuit the battery’s positive and negative electrodes; Curing should be a long time do not use the battery from the machine and store it separately taken out; machines and batteries should be stored in dry place ; low battery would not have to use, charge it in time. In addition, the optional LED curing light should choose a low voltage indication or warning function of the machine, in order to prompt you timely charge.