Principles and characteristics of electro-acupuncture device introduced

Electro-acupuncture device, also known as electro-acupuncture, electric machine needles, acupuncture instrument; means for electro-acupuncture therapy, acupuncture anesthesia a class of energy output device. The basic structure of all kinds of electro-acupuncture device from the power supply section, the regulation circuit, the main oscillation circuit and output circuit. After the acupuncture points have sense pin, the output circuit is turned on with the needle, electro-acupuncture device special waveform output, instead of the current practices of the stimulation frequency, the meridian points through the role of disorder or anti-pain treatment. Electro-acupuncture device has a dual physiological effects of acupuncture and electrical stimulation.

At present, China is the most widely transistor pulsed electro-acupuncture device, which uses a blocking oscillator pulse generator, the variable resistor to change the time constant of the circuit, the control pulse frequency. How about a set of mutually isolated output winding on the oscillation transformer output winding equipment after potentiometer voltage divider output. By the multivibrator output square wave, spread intermittently available density wave and pulse wave. However, both the frequency of the waveform is not adjustable, fluctuation signal can be modulated square wave generated by its amplitude, available downs spread sawtooth wave pulse train. It is characterized by constant symmetry and can be used percutaneous electrode.

The frequency and intensity of its basic pulse waveform output can be modulated waveform following differences:
1. Continuous Wave. That is fixed to the output pulse waveform and a frequency. Divided sparse wave and dense wave, each with different physiological effects.
2. Department of sparse wave density wave, dense wave output turns combination wave. The body to produce adaptive response can be avoided. Commonly used in acupuncture anesthesia.
3. intermittent waves. Continuous wave modulation obtained by intermittent rectangular pulse wave combination, the body can produce a strong sense of tremor.
4. undulating waves. From low to high waveform periodically changes. Physiological effects of milder.

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