Abdul Sattar Edhi

A Symbol of Altruism(Mirror to Blind)
Philanthropist, Social activist, Ascetic and Humanitarian

Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of the most inspiring personality in the world. He was not hugely talented nor too much educated. But, then how he became one of the most inspiring personality in the world? It was due to the fact that he has used all the four principles of progress in the best possible way to become one of the most influential leader in the world. These four principles of progress are:

Action, Khudi,Work work and work, and “Eck aur aik giara”.

Edhi sb. does not have a God-gifted talent. But the way his mother, father and his surrounding did his training made him like that. His mother gave him two “paisas” daily and ask him to spend one paisa on himself and one paisa on needy. She always cursed him if he do not spend on needy people.

In developing his personality his environment played an important role.This is a brilliant example of teamwork or “aik aur aik giara”.

“I hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which rule I believed I could win “Abdul Sattar Edhi

According to him there is direct relation between effort and success, more we put our efforts in something more are the chances that we achieve success.So to me that’s so true, every time I tried to get some objective I give my best for that purpose and ultimately those efforts paid me well. Sometimes we just complain for the things we don’t have but we don’t do something for getting those goals. If we can think of a goal then obviously we can get that goal because that’s our potential that makes us think that way. As famous philosopher Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. That is whenever we think; a framework is formed in our mind ultimately. To get any goal, only thing that matter is to implement whatever you think in a more effective way and to be consistent and determined towards whatever you have planned.

He was not from a very strong background we find different examples from his autobiography that how he just started for his progress. Edhi sb always reminded him to “start small” because “No labour is an insult “. And he also reminded him “think big” because “it is important to think without limitations, confining ideas stunt potential”.

“ I can begin small ,but why should i think small ? ”

His plan was to just start by selling pencils, matchbox and towels on street and invest that money in company shares and using half of the money for poor.

According to him his friends used to say him, “can’t you change your plans, have you not learnt something new, something bigger?” and he used to reply,” why should I forsake the previous ones when they have not been achieved?” This idea takes him to build the hospital, to make a factory to train and employ the poor and build a village for the handicapped.

Life Experience related to Abdul Sattar Edhi’s life

I am going to relate a story to Edhi sb’s example which is about starting from a small platform reaching to a certain goal which is bigger. Its all about the hard work, when I was in class seven my father died. I was a child at that not even knowing that what circumstances I am going to face in future.With the passage of time my mother realized me and my other 1 sisters and 2 younger brothers that we have to do work very hard for ourselves. Because there was a time when our relatives just cut off from us they visited us seldom. We were like isolated from others.But I did not lose hope and I was determined that we will manage everything with hard work, and will try our best.I started tuition when i am in 8th grade to meet our expenses . Life was never easy ,time goes down then got admission in GC University Faisalabad in Computer Science .Start exploring things ,Used the principle of “khudi” and “sabr e jamil” in my life .I worked hard,and now in that stage i can say that persistency and hard working in life is more important then talents . I often listen this dialog from others that “ Try to find yourself or if someone know himself then surely success was no more far from that person” .But for finding yourself ,first thing you have to create yourself.As per Edhi’s life he create himself through taking experiences from all things as he have no special talents but he find himself through different work experiences .Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard!

As George Bernand Shaw Says,” Life is about creating yourself”.

I really want to adore Edhi sb as a true leader and wish that I could always follow him in my life.

You will be missed. May your holy soul rest in peace !


Never feel afraid to do something but got issues In “Time Management”

From the last month I started online research writing,Project research query assigned to me “ How can we improve ourselves( Pakistan)through IT” .But no found specific timings to work on this research so start working on this research now.

Step 1 Launch Online survey to get satisfaction how people respond, Can we improve Pakistan through IT ?Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1TYZrhjWjMIRiHNudahcx2hr5rotNgfov3kn9oQcVWclq-A/viewform

Got 10 responses in few minutes from where i realize that research query have positive impacts,Yes we can improve ourselves through IT?

Step 2 Now Research Query how can we improve ourselves (Pakistan) through IT?

IT now a days is fulfilling the needs of industrialist ,economist,educational as well as professionals necessities like online trading ,marketing, business through socializing,online teaching even online shopping ,a person who travels for attending meetings is now using skype, imo etc and is easily solving matters within moments of seconds. In short ,we can say IT is reverberating all around the world , assisting man’s world. In order to #improve our the land of green we need to fix the towers so that even a common man or a farmer can have an excess of IT. Secondly we should minimize the charges to cheap rates applied on IT services so that a student can afford it on daily basis to improve his educational skills. Thirdly IT need to launch such basic applications which a user can download without any hurdle like without WiFi or even in down signals .Fourthly, they need to conduct the seminars even in backward areas where people jst need little guidance about accessing,working,usage and mechanical problems or about problematic systems or even devices. Last but not the least IT also needs to boost awareness in public merely not in big cities but common or backward areas Because they need your guidance the most .

P.S :Research required 3600 minimum not possible to paste here all.

Step 3 Now will get reviews from people about change in upcoming days.Part of my research work as well.

Basically I learn Time Management .In past I was unable to make it possible But now I realized that I would not get a chance like that every time. So managing things in a sequences way is better than creating haste at the last moment.

Tasks I would follow to achieve this goal are:

Division of Work in Slots
Priority assigned to each task .

On the basis of outcome I will plan my activities and tasks considering “time management” as crucial role player.