Few days ago, i got a chance to read a book written by DALE CARNEGIE’ how to win friends and influence people. in this book, i studied a chapter DO THIS, AND YOU WILL BE WELCOME ANYWHERE that is about to take interest in people to be interested .and the point of convergence is to understand the human nature of loving themselves. yes, its true that people are more interested in them selves, they are more likely of being cherishing when we talk about them. i tracked over many quotes and spectacular points Mr Dale has wrote but one statement was much showy.

“Talk to someone about themselves and they’ll listen for hours.”

quite impressive. Actually am talking about overall human nature including me. we are all get hand on the habit that when some one is articulating on us , we give them time, we show affection, absorption, sympathy, excitement and many more… but when they take consultation unto them we start to be like a deadhead and starting of being bother by them. one more focal point of the book was

“You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

just to analyze about this tend, i did an activity. in which i have to consume 24 hours (well, its just a figure to tell more n more time spending) on people of my community . i had to talk with some of my friends, my family, my colleagues, my teachers, about them selves. that whats going on in their life just to showboat that, i am interested in them.

This is something I’ve worked hard to ingrain. because this activity demanded an upstream effort to make a connection with my community specially with those i have not been talked with for a long time. Since I read the book and started to consciously try to bring into focus this and other concepts, the results have been quite remarkable. I’ve found there is always something genuinely interesting about what somebody is doing. All I need to do is to pursue that interest I have, ask more questions and continue that conversation. It’s fascinating for me, and at the same time builds a greater connection and opens up more opportunities for me to be schooled that whats going on their lives.

Became genuinely interested in other people……

here’s an index of starting of my conversation with them…..

i talked with some of my old friends, teachers, my university professors, my foreigner friends who are habitat of ( turkey, Vietnam, u.k and Australia). At embarkation, some showed much excitement, that i am connected with them after a long time. some showed somehow silly behave that ‘ howww youu remind us after a looong time.. we thought you died. yes they were kidding but am sharing my experience here. some got very busy and engrossed in their life and some got engaged and even i do not know. but when i started to talk and i was showing i am interested in them i sensed their affection towards me are they were started to be interesting in me.. that was quite emotional for me that just because we are getting busy in our stuff day by day. so we are moved very far from them.

i talked in group and it made me smiled that time. and one thing that made me emotional was some of mine friends said,

well it was a great experience and a lesson too. that people are only take interest in you, when you made them realize that you are interested in them.

Thank you…