principals of progress corresponding to Great Edhi SB’s life and my own story

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a man who needs no introduction due to his immeasurable contribution for humanity.

His life was full of principals, examples that is much inspiring to edify us.he excerpted a very simple life for himself. And its an impressive example not for all nation but for all humans.

one of very interesting example I take from the book of Abdul Sattar Edhi written by Tehmina Durrani 2nd paragraph on page no 27 in which edhi sb stated

“it is the charity only, when your left hand does not know what the right has given”

its quite impressive that they always donated without show off to others, without expecting any thing in return. That is the spirit they taught to others that what the right way, right path to donate. because if we donate some thing to other while showing off its only the insult of receiver.


through all my life my mother taught me many good things but one of them is to help others in need. And i can not say ‘NO’ to any one’s in time of need. and without expecting any thing.

once i got a chance to attend HOLY QURAN class in month of Ramadan. there i found a needy widow women who came with his three daughters. After meeting with them i came to know that they are needy and living hands to mouth. at that time i had’t any thing to give except my small gold ear rings. on that day i learned from my Quran Teacher that

‘True Donation is that when you give some thing in way of Allah from that thing which you loved the most.

i gave that ear rings to that women and until today only me and my Father know this that i have denoted that tops. actually i did’t wanted to show off but when i read the eidhi sb’s quote it memorized me about that.

CZ’ i dont expect any thing from humans. i expect every thing from Allah. that’s all about me. we should all give donation if we will adopt this, we will be blessed more.

Edhi SB was a man of mercy, he is not right now in between us, but he will alive in our hearts forever.

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