Boys do this?

I have to be really bored to scroll through Facebook for over ten minutes; It reminds me of walking through my high school hallways (yuck). However, today I reached that point of boredom and came across a group of kids who post videos onto Facebook about things young people can relate to. This group page reminded me of both vine and tumblr, both of which usually provide me with a good laugh or two. I was pretty entertained watching these videos by myself, until I came across one entitled “Girls do this?”

Let me give you a little video synopsis: The members of this group choose one random girl to be part of this “experiment” that tests how girls react when approached by a guy they aren’t interested in.

It is a nice day at a park in New York and the girl (better, the victim) seems to be studying outside while guy #1 (one of the group members) comes up to her and mentions something about her boyfriend. Kindly, she responds by saying that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and therefore must be mistaking her for someone else. Guy #1 apologizes and walks away. Ten minutes later, guy #2 (another member of the group) comes and starts hitting on her. Remember that this girl has no idea she is part of this “experiment” and even has her face blurred out to hide her identity.

I must point out that the way he expresses his interest is extremely inappropriate:

  1. He immediately addresses her as “sweetheart,” even though he is a complete stranger. That nickname, or any term similar to it, is never to be used with someone you barely know. Though it is arguably used as a term of endearment, it has become the exact opposite and is instead often used as a means of subjecting and dehumanizing women.
  2. He speaks to her like he’s in a rush. Not only is he speaking fast, but he’s clearly not very interested in what she is saying. He asks her for her name and responds almost before she even finishes. He asks her what she is studying and he responds by saying that he is studying the same thing, just to have that “sense of commonality.”
  3. He asks her for her number after about 10 seconds of conversation. Actually, it shouldn’t even be considered a conversation because the girl barely speaks. Regardless, he is STILL a complete stranger to her yet asks for her number as if they’ve become great friends. 10 seconds of talking, and the “fact” that they share a common major does not entail friendship or even the possibility of a friendship.
  4. He asks her for her number in order to “study alone together later.” His automatic jump towards being alone with her is scary- I think a lot of girls would be frightened by a stranger who says this. Also, the use of the word “later” makes it sound like he wants to be alone with her sometime soon. He’s rushing into something that isn’t even there.
  5. He not only suggests they “study alone together later,” but he suggests they “study alone together later to get the job done.” What does that even mean? He is clearly hinting at something inappropriate, and (again) rushing into something that doesn’t exist.

After this embarrassing and disgusting attempt to get her number, the girl responds by saying, “Yeah, I actually have a boyfriend.” Of course, guy #2 knows that she is lying because guy #1 pointed that out a few minutes prior. So, guy #2 goes on a rant about how rude it is to lie about having a boyfriend in order to avoid talking to someone. He finishes by saying “I’m fucking sick and tired of this shit- All of you girls saying you have a boyfriend but you really don’t.” He finally leaves feeling like the baddest bitch in town and the video ends by saying Share this if you can relate.

Hahahaha Share this if you can relate AKA All my fellow rejects, where ya at?

I can easily say I felt sick to my stomach after watching this video. I had to watch it a few times and look at the comments to make sure I wasn’t missing something. The video has about 25 million views, and 200 thousand likes. I was happy to find that a good amount of the comments spoke against the video and its intentions. However, I was still grossed out, surprised, infuriated, and a little disappointed, by the amount of people who watched the video and clicked that tiny “like” button.

Until guys learn how to properly treat a woman as a fellow human being and talk to one in an appropriate manner, they will continue to wallow in their own imprudence. If that video was a true representation of how they approach women, it is no surprise they felt the need to make this video. The saying, “Oh, I have a boyfriend,” is probably something they’re very accostumed to hearing.

Apart from their lack of (what should be) common sense, the video also reinforced the fact that we live in an age where women, instead of just saying “no,” have to lie about their relationship status in order to feel safe. As a response, men put the blame on the woman to cover up their own insecurities and preserve their superiority. What a damn shame.

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