Hundreds Gather to turn Washington Square Park into an Urban Playground


Ana Mangini: Today is April first, April Fools Day, to most, a holiday for pranking loved ones. But here in Washington Square Park, strangers have gathered to celebrate a little differently.

To those here, today is National Pillow Fight Day.

National Pillow Fight Day is a day of pillow fighting celebrated around the world from London to Paris, to here in Washington Square Park in NYC. Hundreds gather around the world to turn their cities into urban playgrounds.

Mikhail Borochin, a student at Hunter College in New York City, explains what keeps him coming back to National Pillow Fight Day.

Mikhail Borochin: I’d say that it’s loads of fun, it’s a great way to get the community together, and, if for nothing else, then it’s a great way to get some sport in your day.

Mangini: The event is hosted by Bunz, an online trading network, and all pillows from the the pillow fight will be donated to DARE2B, an organization that provides educational programs for homeless children in New York City. With an estimated 23,000 homeless children sleeping in New York shelters every night, DARE2B works through events like National Pillow Fight Day to empower their cause to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Officer Jones of the NYPD says…

Officer Jones: Anything that’s gonna be productive and give back to the community and society is a good thing. So, charity’s always a good thing and I support it.

Mangini: For Fordham University, I’m Ana Mangini.

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