My Sparkly Thoughts on Little Misfortune

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My fingers have been itching to write this ever since I was pulled out of one of the most fantastically immersive games I’ve played in a while.

So, Little Misfortune.

Oh, Little Lady Misfortune, you absolute pure, adorable little spark of sunshine.

You had me laughing with (at) you, crying with you and exploding with a fountain of different emotions that I didn’t even know were possible to feel in such rapid succession.

Playing this game basically felt like riding the most topsy-turvy roller-coaster you can ever imagine. With sparkles.

First, I cannot even begin to say how visually pleasing the world is. The team, as small as it is, did such a great job designing the world and the characters! Everything, from the environment, to the background and the colours is so engaging that you want to furiously press on everything that’s interactive. Which brings us to the voice.

Oh, my god, the voice. And I’m not referring to Mr. Voice, but I’m going to give him his own paragraph too, because Mr. Voice is awesome.

Okay, so, Mr. Voice. From the very beginning, I liked him a lot because, to be fair, I always enjoy a good narrator-player interaction, and the moment Mr. Voice says ‘Welcome to my game’, it makes me feel really cool and important, y’know? The voice itself is beautifully sounding, and his interactions with Misfortune make him shine out as a proper character. His presence and occasional commentary really made a positive difference for me throughout the journey. That’s right, Mr. Voice, you crack me up, buddy.

So, I was saying.

Oh, my god, the voice. And I mean the cutest and purest and most sparkle-inducing voice of all time, belonging to Little Misfortune. Not only is it her voice, but her observations regarding the world around her, even though she sometimes has some dark things to say, her delivery makes me want to interact with something twice just to hear her again. You’re simply too lovable, Misfortune.

The story of the game, and I’m not going to dive into spoiler territory, is interesting, engaging and, well, it keeps you on your toes. I always love me a good narrative with fun characters and spectacular world-building. The themes of the game are mostly dark, and I think this is one of the reasons why having a child as a main character works so well in video games like this.

You basically take a little innocent kid that doesn’t understand much about the world around them and place them in a dark environment or surround them with dark themes that only you can see the real meaning of. The contrast just makes everything so good.

And finally, something that we have seen in the developers’ other game, Fran Bow, the concept of there being more dimensions is, first of all, really cool. It is scary, it is mysterious and it raises questions. You see glimpses of it and you’re wondering ‘Oh, my god, what is going on?’ But you hear Misfortune say something cute again, so you forget about it and move on with your game.

Could we also take a moment to appreciate our little lady’s name? I’m all for meanings behind names, and Misfortune can have so many connotations behind it. It also has a nice ring to it and it reminds me of Fran’s kitty companion, Mr. Midnight. Wait, hold on a minute -

I genuinely fell in love with this game, and the only fault I can find it is that I would like it to be a bit longer, but that’s only because I’m sitting here yearning for more interactions with Little Misfortune and Mr. Voice while crying over my keyboard as I write this. Yikes forever. But, nonetheless, this game was a real roller-coaster, the kind that you can’t stop thinking about after you get off.

And that throws sparkles at you.

If you want to check the game out, I definitely recommend it! I mean, duh. Trust me, this is a ride you don’t wanna miss:

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