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Do you enjoy writing but you’re not quite sure if what you’re producing is good enough? Have you ever thought about publishing your work and having someone else other than your close friends and family read it? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you might be considering taking your skill and passion for writing and putting them under the microscope.

Of course, you could start by going for a Bachelor of Arts Degree first and then continuing with an MA, which I didn’t. I don’t have a BA in Creative Writing, so all the writing I’ve done…

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I have always appreciated the beauty of language diversity, and learning a new language can be a fun and rewarding experience if you commit yourself to it. Or it can go downhill pretty fast if you panic once you reach all those verb conjugations and declensions… Shiver. As someone who has taken classes in languages that tend to go in that direction, I feel your pain.

However, fret not! Because the solution, most of the time, isn’t to just sit with a notebook and furiously gobble down all those words until you can recite them like a poem. And this…

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My fingers have been itching to write this ever since I was pulled out of one of the most fantastically immersive games I’ve played in a while.

So, Little Misfortune.

Oh, Little Lady Misfortune, you absolute pure, adorable little spark of sunshine.

You had me laughing with (at) you, crying with you and exploding with a fountain of different emotions that I didn’t even know were possible to feel in such rapid succession.

Playing this game basically felt like riding the most topsy-turvy roller-coaster you can ever imagine. With sparkles.

First, I cannot even begin to say how visually pleasing…

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