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: Spring looks

This year’s Pantone suggestion for colors is quite diverse. It contains 10 colors and it ranges from rose quartz to flash green.

Meanwhile, in Paris, NY, Milano, designers have been consistent in using some of the colors on their makeup looks for 2016 Spring collections.

Here is a summary of how those two overlap and what statements are being made this spring through colors, makeup and style.

Rose Quartz’s soothings and calming nature makes it perfect for a Sunset Streak. This spring brings a pure and sensual hint with a desire for disclosure and embracing our own naked nature.

Fiesta is one of the most vibrant and exciting colors of Pantone’s palette. It brings out our desire to fully live, explore and embrace the unknown opportunities. The runways’ Candy Apple designers choice emphasizes the free-spirit life style for 2016.

Iced Coffee is the perfect choice for your base on any makeup look you choose. If you are going for a “summer lover” look, Iced Coffee solely can offer you a polished, yet natural not-hard-to-achieve finish.

Serenity as the name states, brings comfort, a crisp and clear one. It won’t be soothing, but objective and obvious. No wonder designers have opted for this Blue State. It has presence on stage and it imposes with it’s sharpeness.

Makeup looks will be quite fun this year. I am going to start a daily makeup challange using runway looks as reference. Feel free to follow me on Facebook for more insights or tips on how to achieve those looks.

Stay Beautiful!

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