Best New Movies for Sport Enthusiastic

I know that you like action movies. Therefore, I prepared for you four action movies that will relax you and make your Saturday night nicer.

Fast and Furious 8

As always, this sequel of the Fast and Furious is filled with action, high-end cars, explosions and a lot of car chases. But, there is something different happening in this movie, this time it’s not only about action, but it is also about whether choosing family or not.

Dominic(Vin Diesel) and Letty(Michelle Rodriguez) are enjoying their honeymoon in Cuba when they are approached by a hacker called Cipher(Charlize Theron). She wants to get hold of weapons of mass destruction to take control of world politics. The US government knows about this, and decides to ask Dominic and his team for help.

They will work with agent Hobbs(Dwayne Johnson) to catch Cipher, the cyberterrorist. The family gets back together to fight Cipher. But then comes the major conflict-Dominic must choose between helping his family and fighting against Cipher or help Cipher and betraying his family. This dillema is caused by the fact that Cipher has some heavy leverage.

This makes the sequel of the Fast and Furious standing out and to be totally different than any F&F movie that you’ve ever seen. Will Dominic choose his family or betray them? If you love action movies, you won’t want to miss this movie!

Guardians of The Galaxy vol.2

The first Guardians of The Galaxy movie was great. It had action, comedy, and an interesting universe for you to discover. When the first movie is this good, then the second one should be even better, right?

First, the movie is a lot of fun to watch. Why? Because of baby Groot! In the first movie, he was a 7-foot-tall monster but now he is a cute little tree that has a lot of funny action. The whole movie is written in an entertaining and lightweight way, so it is hilarious and easy to watch.

Second, the movie has a lot of action and this action is intense.

How can it not be up in a universe full of spaceships and laser guns? You should check this movie out if you are up for some action but also if you want to have a good laugh.

The Ghost in The Shell

This movie is a Hollywood adaptation of a Japanese manga. It is about Major Motoko Kusanagi. Major(Scarlett Johansson) is cyber-enhanced therefore, perfect to become soldier. She is saved from a terrorist attack, and is dedicated to stop the world’s most dangerous criminals.

So far so good, right?

This movie is not your regular action movie in which the world is saved by a hero. This time the “hero” discovers that her whole life is a lie, her life has been stolen. She is determined to find out why this has been done to her, and who did it, but also to make sure nothing like this will ever happen to anyone else again. As said, Ghost in the Shell is not a regular hero action movie, it has a twist to it, a mysterious twist. Join Major and find out who is responsible for stealing her life.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The release date for “King Arthur-Legend of the Sword” has almost arrived. We all know the story of King Arthur, but this movie brings something new. The movie presents Charlie Humman (King Arthur), the protagonist of the film. The story concentrates on a sword that after it is being removed from the stone, it changes King Arthur’s life.

Jude Law, in the role of Vortigern, is one of the reasons that you should watch the movie. He mixes elegant poise with despicable villainy, which makes him a character we love to hate. After his brother is killed, Vortigern (Jude Law) abducts his nephew’s crown.

Charlie Hunnam (Arthur) is another reason to watch the movie. His personality fits perfectly, and brings to life the character. Not being aware of his royal roots, Arthur grows up in Londinium, until he pulls the sword from the stone and from that moment his life will not be the same anymore.