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Anam Cara Manila
Nov 19 · 5 min read

Many of us work out, exercise in different ways to keep our bodies fit — to stay young, to live longer, to be healthy, or whatever rationale we use to make time to devote to such efforts. And most of us find that the body responds to our efforts and is grateful, showing results almost immediately. Are we giving our consciousness the same or similar energy? What are we doing for our consciousness? With the world facing so many crises today, we often hear calls to “raise everybody’s consciousness” for political, environmental and many other very good reasons.

But how does consciousness get “raised”? Are there methods? Is there a gym for consciousness? Yes, in fact there is — the gym for #consciousness is called “#meditation” and is located right within each of us, wherever we are. And it’s open 24 hours per day! We just need to commit to it in the same way we commit to taking care of our physical bodies. With the world in turmoil on so many fronts, finding the tools to stay sane in an insane world, being able to put things in perspective and avoid burnout, is becoming more and more important. And, as Osho has pointed out, even machines get “fatigued,” what to say of the delicate and subtle bio-computer of the mind? The everyday information overload and demand for multi-tasking that characterize modern-day life can put the mind in overdrive, with consequences for our health, sense of well-being, and even the capacity to get a good night’s sleep, which tires the mind and dulls its intelligence even more. Featuring Osho’s many insights on meditation,

A Course in Meditation is a self-learning program available as a book and audiobook. Its 21 chapters offer a variety of simple techniques to integrate meditation into your daily life, including some that don’t even require you to set aside a special time or place. There are methods to do with a partner and methods to experiment with alone, techniques you can start your day with, and those you can do just before you go to bed. The central idea is that once you get the knack — of bringing awareness to everyday activities like eating your food and walking down the street, and of taking a distance from the everyday judgments and worries that preoccupy all of us — then you have found the “pause button” for the mind. Which is, in essence, what meditation is. And when the mind is paused, that’s the environment where consciousness can grow.The audiobook edition of this course adds a unique and very special dimension, in that it allows you to listen to a chapter at a time, with original recordings of Osho speaking, and step-by-step, real-time guidance for the meditation techniques. With the audiobook, you can experiment with these techniques wherever you are — your mobile device allows you to take that time-out period in your day to meditate and to recharge, or you can even get together and try some of the meditations with friends. Osho has often spoken about how listening can be a meditation in itself — an added dimension which the audiobook for this course makes possible. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of consciousness. The beauty of this inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and to experiment within, to do so alone. This eliminates dependence on an outer authority, the need to be affiliated with any organization, the obligation to accept a certain ideology. Once you understand the steps, you walk the walk in your own, individual way. This 21-day experiential course is designed to give you a taste of meditation. Whether reading or listening or both — your preferred format is available to introduce you to meditation as a simple way to bring awareness to every aspect of your life. •For beginning meditators it is a step-by-step guide to learn meditation.•For experienced meditators, it is the key to taking your practice to a new level Osho asked at the time that his two talks be published as a small book titled “On Basic Human Rights.” Today, we bring these two talks back as part of a new and expanded edition for a new and very engaged audience — a new generation engaged in a real rebellion, a generation with a growing awareness that things have gone very wrong and new, non-political but revolutionary solutions are needed. When Osho takes on issues of social or political relevance, one can expect to be confronted with something that disturbs and challenges one’s ideas and beliefs, pushing us out of our comfort zone. Along the way, he shares a mystic’s vision of a future with potential that is far beyond what our small political minds can imagine, a future where “human rights” are not just an idea but a living, growing reality. “Do you know, even metals need rest, even metals get tired? So what to say about this subtle mechanism of the mind? It is the most subtle mechanism in the world. In such a small skull, you are carrying such a complicated bio-computer that no computer made by man is yet capable of competing with it. The scientists say a single man’s brain can contain all the libraries of the world and yet there will be space enough to contain more. “And you are continuously using it, uselessly, unnecessarily! You have forgotten how to put it off. For seventy, eighty years it remains on; working, working, tired. That’s why people lose intelligence, for the simple reason that they are so tired. If the mind can have a little rest, if you can leave the mind alone for a few hours every day, if once in a while you can give the mind a holiday, it will be rejuvenated. It will come out more intelligent, more efficient, more skillful.

“So I am not saying that you are not to use your mind, but don’t be used by the mind. Right now the mind is the master and you are only a slave.” ~Osho

For a preview of the audiobook, see On our website, at, there are links to some recent scientific articles on the benefits of meditation: “This Is Your Brain on Silence”; “Why Silence Is So Good For Your Brain”; and “Science Says Silence Is Much More Important To Our Brains Than We Think.” If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are.

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