El Diablo and The Goddess

Anam Cara Manila
Aug 13 · 1 min read

The Goddess, carries El Diablo

in her womb…

shares her breath, her cells

her blood, her gift.

She births Him

to life

as he knows IT.

El Diablo grows and forgets

his point of origin

He begins to love

and then

destroy The Goddess.

She prays on his body

while she makes love

to him.

He feels and knows

who he is while inside her.

He forgets again

He starves her

torments her

only to remember

at the end of his life

that he,

El Diablo could've

done better.

At this point,

the story has long been over

what a sad story

he remembers…

what a really sad story.


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Anam Cara Manila

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