Lucy-Level or Lucid Dreaming: A Conscious Take On Reality

Anam Cara Manila
Aug 27 · 2 min read
IMAGE CREDIT TO: Lucy (2014) Movie

In our every day life, we are constantly imprinted with feedback from our external environment. Unknowingly, this feedback taps into our internal environment; creating a milieu of different unconscious reactions that subset into the subconscious. These then create patterns, programmed behaviours, and mental constructs that unconsciously govern our choices, mentality, and world view. In these exciting times, the information we gather is precious and vital to how we shape our personal and collective realities.

There is an energy that forms from this information and more often than not, we are not able to consciously process information, because of amount of information we receive on a daily basis.

This begs the question, what happens when all these information is stored into the body, unprocessed, unrecognized, and seemingly forgotten? Dis-ease, mental illness, chaos, and other such responses, like how an untreated virus spreads through the body.

During this period of rapid information dissemination, in the heart of Makati City, Philippines; Anam Cara Manila, has risen above and beyond the standards of a yoga studio and event place, and re-birthed into a place that holds space for individuals to ground down and process and the information that is coming to them at hyper speed.

With the rate of technological advancement today, Anam Cara Manila, through the teachings and guidance of Yogi Bhajan, and the practice and application of Kundalini Yoga, we have been given the capability to parallel our speed of processing to that of technology.

From film directors, to advertising moguls, to housewives, to house helps and even children who are living within the fast paced lifestyle of Metro Manila that have experienced different forms of dis-eases, mental illnesses, and internal chaos; have slowed down, processed, and recognised these patterns, behaviours and constructs; which have allowed them to come into their own power to self-heal, transform their worldview, and ultimately provide themselves the peace, clarity, and strength to go through the challenges of everyday life and work for the betterment of themselves and the world around them.

Anam Cara Manila: Kirtan Jam

Anam Cara Manila is growing and this growth needs support from those who resonate and are compelled to assist the work that is being done.

Let’s build together, let’s elevate our world together, and let us co-create the world that we all collective dream of seeing for us, and those who are coming after us.

Join the conversation and click here to find out how YOU can help!

Anam Cara Manila

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