Meditation 07.11.17

Trust that where you are is exactly where you need to be,
That the universe has conspired to bring you to this very moment
—where you are right now.

Life is partly what you manifest & part destiny

Never stop running towards your bliss.
Never stop chasing the light. 
Keep the flame burning.

Stay Open
Seek Warmth & Goodness 
Share Happiness
Embrace Gratitude

Feel Humbled 
Care Without Limit
Feel Your Humanity.

Rest and Rise up
Rest and Rise up
again and agian.

With each coming sun & setting moon
With every breath that passes
Feel something.

In the quietness listen intently
 Notice the sensation
 Of being attached yet separate
 To everyone—to everything.

Surrender to the silence,
The rise & fall of your belly,
The soft hissing of breath, 
The subtleties of being alive.

Imprint this feeling in your heart,
Carry it with you—return to it when you’re lost
Remember it when you’re racing

Be calm, be silent 
Be still in this moment 
Feel the presence of your being
Here now,

Exactly where you should be.

Rest in yourself. Breathe