Happy 2018

Another new year. Another set of best wishes and warm regards. A week back I had no idea how I would be spending my New Year’s Eve. And then an old friend asks me to join one of the best parties in the city.

For a person like me who has now trained herself to see something good in almost everything, this was a good omen. And so we went — 10 of us. We started from acting all sober and well-groomed and gradually progressed into our wild selves.

One hell of a night it was, with few strangers I hardly knew. All I understood is if you are lucky you meet people as crazy as you are and life automatically turns beautiful. You wish to live, you want to live more, you want to talk more, and most of all you genuinely smile more.

I hope new year would be even more beautiful, fruitful, and enriching for me. This is one year where I need to make things happen, set my priorities straight, walk away from drama of all kind, and most of all turn the story I have written for myself into a reality.