The 4Cs I learn from Disney, and my mom!

Every child with access to a TV knows about Disney, for those working in a creative area he is a role model, for doodlers (like myself) or artists he is an inspiration. Disney was a storyteller — and a good one, not only using a paper and a pencil to draw the fairy tales, but also when he chat with people.

The most used quote from him is the one about the 4C’s that help you to make your dreams come true: curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy. As a child, I grow up with his cartoons and they cemented what my mom use to tell me. Be curious — is the only way you will learn new things and meet new people. Be confident in yourself, you have no idea of what you can achieve if you don’t try — so try and fail, then try again in a different way until you reach what you want. Have courage to follow what you want: a better school grade, a better dress or a better life — nobody will do it for you. Have courage to follow your dreams, and let nobody tell you that you can not do it. Not even your inner voice. Be constant at being nice, being kind, at being a dreamer, at following what you want, at dreaming big, at travel, at discovering new things, at trying new things and meeting new people.

At 28 years old I realised that all my mom’s sayings and Disney movies I watch as a child were wright! I had to follow my dreams and ACTION was needed in order to do so — I changed my job several times in one year, changing industries and what I did for a leaving in a time when people my age were scared to change their jobs. From a communication specialist in a bank, I went to Public Relations Consultancy. I became a Fundraiser for NGOs, a strategist in digital area for an IT Company, then a went in as a full trainer for several corporations. Curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy made me a better and a happy adult. I go to bed tired, but smiling and accomplished. Sometimes that it is all a little heart needs in order to pump blood faster and make your head spin with joy.

Is your head spinning with joy?