Ways to enhance Productivity… How to create a “Time Log” and to “Eliminate the Distraction”

It’s rarely that someone can get all the work done which he or she was supposed to do, despite the best efforts it’s hardly a day when all work can be get done. When we want to do more and we think there is not enough time to do all the things we feel a bit of pressure and later it leads to stress. The basic problem that why we have to suffer all this is that we consume our time in useless things which have no output and we spent very little time in useful activities. But our performance is not measured by undone work rather it’s measured by the finished work and especially on timely finished work. We can devise a strategy to direct our time to what is truly important to our work and to us. This can make us more productive. No matter who you are, you will get the same twenty four hours a day same like others. So it’s up to you that how you utilize your time in the best way and differentiate yourself. A time log is the most effective tool which can help you follow along the foot paths of your lost time. As it helps to analyze that how actually we spent our time as compared to planned time and it will help to eliminate time wasting activities.

How To Eliminate Distraction…

We can divide our larger tasks in small chunks. This is the habit of most productive people. A great life and a great career is built a part at a time. Our job in time management is to deliberately and creatively organize the concentrated time periods you need to get your key jobs done well, and on schedule. By thinking and planning our time for productive tasks can help us to get work done on time and in an efficient way. We should make every minute count by working steadily and continuously without diversion or distraction by planning and preparing our work in advance. The key to the success for all this is to plan in advance and schedule a fix time period for a particular task or activity. We can switch off our mobile phones while doing an important task or we can avoid to use face book, twitter, linked in etc while working on something really important and productive.

Personally I found it very helpful because I used to make a timetable in advance. It use to assign me more clarity what to do and what is more important to be done first. I tried to act completely on the planned time table. It gives me the direction to utilize my time for more important and productive tasks. It make me realize that I had been wasting my time in the past for unproductive works. But now I plan first before doing something.