Diary of a Confused Teenager

141st day since outbreak

53rd day since first case in Romania

45th day since first case in Deva

8418 confirmed cases, of which 1730 recovered and 421 deceased

13 deaths were announced in the morning.

When I woke up, I saw that Global Citizen posted the live performances that Lady Gaga promised, and I watched them and I also sent them to Teo. They were really beautiful.

Today I kind of just wasted my time and watched YouTube most of the day. I also played some Animal Crossing.

My parents informed me that we are going to go to the countryside. Since my mother is in isolation and my father is returning to work, of course they will not come. My father is going to take me, my brother, and my grandma there, and I think we will stay until the vacation ends, because then I will have to attend online classes, and I think I need a better internet connection than the one I got at the countryside.

Anyway, I am really happy that we will go, because I really want to go outside, since now most trees have blossomed.

11 deaths were announced in the afternoon, and 6 in the evening.

8936 confirmed cases



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