Happiness is not readymade ……………………

Happiness lies within you it is in our minds perception of the world that form the reality . If you don’t find it inside and unable to create it you wouldn’t find it anywhere in anyone.

Man only count his troubles; he never count his blessings.
According to the Shawna Achor it’s the lens of the of the mind that frame the perception of the world and its reality if you want to change or want to form the new reality you need to change the lens.

If you will be positive it will produce of more positive results you will be more productive , energetic that is the concept of “Happiness advantage” some people think that when you work hard and you achieve your goals ( Good grades or good job you be more happy but according to Shawn Achor the reverse is the case……………………………. as he share so many experiences during his life.

I would also like to share my on of my life story when I was too optimistic I always think out on the negative sides and more stressed out and felt that nothing could happen positive in my life.

It was in 10th standard me and my sister we are in the same class and despite of 1 year age difference ( she was one year younger than me) our exams were on just hand and what happen that one day I had fever and it last long and eventually turn take out the form of typhoid with severe chest infection, my sister was preparing for the exam with full zeal and I going to visit the different doctors and hospitals every day as they were unable to find out the real cause of chest infection and one day they get some tests and find out that it’s acute chest infection. I was so upset and cried day and night that why always things happen to me like this. It develop a certain level of anger and I lose faith on all the things .

“Happiness is an inside job”

It drained out the all the positivity in me and I try to compare myself with everyone that everyone is so happy and healthy and they are doing each day task more effectively than me I almost starting to hate myself and blaming everyone around me for this miserable situation.

I refused to sit for the metric exam but my parents said please give the exam whatever will happen we will accept it we will not blame you if you will fail in the exam . I get agree and gave the exam but I was not sure even to pass out even a single paper and on the result day I was 100% sure that I will fail but what happen I pass out in 1 0th class board exam with 519/800 marks and my sister got 630 I was happy I was more than happy that I’m unable to express that feelings in the words.

What I earn after that I get ist division but what if I could even do much better if I remained positive and have faith and believe on me I could get much better result because negative things take out that energy, excitement, positivism, motivation, resilience and productivity according to the positive psychology expert Shawn Achor only happiness can fuel out the success and performance if I did all this then my performance would even better than those of others who get more good marks than me.

According to the Shawn’s research following are the things that boost up the happiness factor in you:

  • 3 gratitude
  • Journalling
  • Exercises
  • Meditation
  • Random acts of kindness

I chooses random acts of kindness and gratitude as they are like happiness medicine which I take on daily basis to increase the happiness ………………

Happiness could also be find with gratitude. When you say thanks to your own mind by listing down at least 3 things each day for which you really thank full you feel your mind stared retaining the positive things and scanning for the happiness rather than negative things . I also make practice of gratitude so that I can flush out the negative thoughts that sometimes come up in my mind. The first thing I really feel gratitude about By saying Thanks to Allah for giving me another day on each day and making me complete, healthier there are so many people in this world who are suffering from some serious diseases or have some disability.

Then I pay gratitude to my parents who grow up me and gave me good education and invest all the resources to make my life good ( I have shelter, good food, clothes to wear and so many other things others don’t have Thank You for this all the things.

I also feel gratitude for being one of those who get education or higher education there are number of people in pakistan who have intellect, but they don’t have enough resources to make their dream of education come true. so I’m really really grateful for this .

Another thing I did on each day was showing random acts of kindness I try on each day to make at least one person smile . As smile is Sunnah and making Kothers smile boost level of happiness in you. By helping others no matter whether I know them or not through the resources or through any possible means. I always welcome everybody to take my help at any time .By complementing my friends in a positive manner on things they really deserve that and saying them thank you for their support and help without their support I would never be able to be here.

These things really cast a positive impact on me honestly I never ever think about these things before I may did all the things but know I have an idea now I can name these things. Allah has created everyone with some aim and we are here with this positivity that we have to find out the reason of our creation and then by understanding those aims to make the best effort possible to fulfill those aims I’m times more positive than 3 months ago and will continue with this positivity in the future to make positive impact on my life and those around me so that after I’m no more at least people remember me in their memories for the good deeds I did……

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