Mentoring is a brain to pick…………..

Everybody in life always need somebody’s help, guidance, suggestions, tips to be successful. It’s not that necessary that should be a formal mentor they could be your parents who actually guide you throughout your life, your teachers at any level of education or trainer, supervisor, boss it could be any one …..

I’ don’t have any formal mentor in my life because there were so many persons in my life that came to my life just like blessing .

Sohail khan is that person who really changed my life I genuinely respect him and really admire him for so many reasons he actually help me to be here where I’m today….

He took admission in MBBS he was in 4th year of his education due to some reasons he was not able to complete his study and left things for the rest… He moved toward Canada and start doing job in manufacturing company. He was so much hardworking, he was humble and show humility in his whole life just because of his humility he able to get a position where someone can dreamed off, although he faced so many difficulties success is not overnight for everyone he struggled a lot in his whole life .

He buy machine on his own and rent place and start doing work at the backyard of his house he worked day and night and now he has his own factory and a company named ( Insufab corporation). Although he is earning a lot but he is still kind, humble and always show humility to everyone irrespective of his education, status etc….

I take inspiration a lot from him and would really wish to be a person like him and would follow his piece of advice to continue my education and helped me financially so that I can fulfill my dream of completing the education because he was not able to complete his own education and support me not financially but morally because there are so many people who said why you should not marry as your younger sister and he replied and answered to many people that she is different from her five fingers are not being equal she want to study if you need any support I will always stand by you and I always come to him in any difficulty as he is my role model he stared from scrap and achieve something that is beyond success…………. Allah Bless him always

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