Tokoin ICO Review

Aug 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Tokoin is a platform that establishes digital business identity and reputation of MSME as acceptable credibility scoring for suppliers and financial institutions. Build a digital business identity for MSME that represents a valid business reputation.

interface of

Tokoin Official is a company founded to serve small and medium enterprises as the main, a company from Indonesia.

Through the research and research process, the project team realized that: micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME for short) contributed a large part to the development of the economy as well as the market. job. Specifically: not including businesses not registered business, MSME contributes 40% to GDP growth and 60% to total labor demand. The governments of many countries have taken MSME’s development to the top of its priority to create 600 million jobs by 2030.

However, the question that remains to be raised is how MSME businesses can maintain and survive in the current economy when 40% of MSME in developing countries is not fully met. sufficient financial support to meet the needs of business development and operation.

Recognizing the potential as well as the difficulties that MSME is facing, the project team wishes to build a reliable foundation, creating opportunities for MSME to build its image from which to build trust with the bank. goods, suppliers or financial service providers. Since then, promoting development as well as creating more opportunities for MSME. And Tokoin was born.

Tokoin (

— Provide digital identification for MSME from which MSME can build its brand image and reputation

— Help MSME make use of its data to create more opportunities to receive funding

— Facilitate the development of MSME by giving them business cooperation opportunities.

Looking at the image above, we realize that the ecosystem of tokoin is the users involved in the business activity of Tokoin. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and validate the data into valuable asset. Partners can acquire the data by staking TOKO tokens.

Token infomation:

Token Name: TOKO

ICO Token Type: ERC-20

Total Token Supply: 2,000,000,000 TOKO

Token Sale: 700,000,000 TOKO

(35% Token Supply)

Hard Cap: $ 25,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 8,000,000

Selling Tokoin tokens is complete and will now launch the IEO.
There was an official announcement from the Kucoin trading platform that they had decided to IEO TOKO on August 23.
To own TOKO before August 23, you must play the game on

Aug 13 starting

But do you know what makes the IEO more special than other semi-public methods like the ICO?
This is the difference ..

  • Besides, there are still many successive events taking place in the media, for example: Tokoin quiz, with the Indian community.
  • The MOU signing took place in Global Blockchain Summit 2019, along with the global ceremony of Blockchain Center of Education and Excellence (BCEE).
  • Ask Tokoin directly on twitter on July 22.

Above are the information I have learned and listed for readers, please read and understand more about Tokoin, especially small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. Investment always comes with risks, this article is for reference only, please note.

More infomation:


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